Thank you to our community partners. Without you, the good we grow every day would not flourish and Feed the People.

Our mission is simple: To fulfill the most basic human need by providing healthy nutritious food for children and families in or at the poverty level. Over the last two years, as part of our holiday meals program, FTP has provided over 800 families in Central Oregon a made from scratch Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner.We identify those families thru Family Access Network (Kristi Miller has been a great friend and amazing supporter). At Thanksgiving the families show up the day before and we give them a fabulous dinner, plus bags of groceries from our food bank, along with coats from our coat closet. We do the same thing at Christmas and involve Operation Elf Box to provide gifts for any children in the family. This way we allow folks to take their meals and enjoy them in the privacy of their own home with family, keeping their dignity intact. FTP also participates in Project Connect by giving away supplies from our food bank and tons of fresh produce which we grow ourselves at the farm.

Feedin' the People is about truly being fed, in your heart and soul. Food should go beyond basic sustenance, filling the greater needs of the community by providing fellowship, refueling the mind and soul along with the body. Through this sharing of time, space and bread, we strive to give hope to those who have experienced catastrophic devastation, and make those burdens a bit more bearable. Feedin' the People utilizes a volunteer work force overseen by Steven Farrell, who contributes his expertise acquired from over thirty years as chef in the food service industry.

It is by the gracious efforts of community volunteers and a list of local supporters that we are able to provide wholesome food to those in need. We are grateful for the collaboration with RedTail Farm on which Feedin' the People raises livestock and grows vegetables that we donate to the community. Without them, our vision would be lost. Check out our Farm page to see updates on the plot and animals being raised.
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